The Everwood Ruins Kit

The Everwood Ruins Kit

Buy this if you want to assemble your own copy of The Everwood Ruins, but beware! This is an EXPERT level kit as it involves wiring, delicate assembly, and a resin pour. This kit is not for the novice or the faint of heart. This kit includes all the materials to make what you see in the pictures including the resin but it does not include the black paint or the necessary tools.


This captivating miniature world is an original design, created to bring a touch of wonder to any home.

Charming hand-drawn elements, skilled digital redering, and precision laser-cutting technology all come together to create a bespoke piece of immersive decor.

A variety of battery powers LEDs bring this fae forest to life, hinting at hidden creatures just out of sight. The 12 carefully placed LEDs highlight the details allowing for the Miniverse to be enjoyed in both, bright and low-lit spaces.Hand-poured resin creates a meandering stream, adorned with delightful lily pads and breathing LEDs.

All of these things come together to create an alluring glimpse into the Everwood Ruins Miniverse, inviting the viewer to climb inside.

This intricate creation was the result of 4 months of painstaking design and prototyping. After many hours of drawing and digital rendering and many, many, many iterations, the Everwood Ruins finally made the transition from imagination to reality.